Furry Covenant –

The furry fandom can be a wonderful place, but there’s a dark side to the fandom as people may have found. We have people attempting to groom other people in to believing animal sexual abuse is normal, this is akin to NAMBLA attempting to groom communities trying to push their “boy love” views.

After the Zoosadist group leak happened I felt the need to take a stand for the victims who can’t speak. Thanks to a few understanding group owners and members, I was able to create the Furry Covenant which is an agreement between the community and the members. There is a need to stand up and ensure various individuals don’t engage the furry community in any manner. Some of these people have been involved with conventions, furry websites and apps under the guise of the openness of the furry fandom while grooming others with their views.


Furry Covenant

This agreement is between the group enacting this document and every member of the community.

The furry fandom is a place where creativity, imagination and inspiration bring people together all over the world. We come together in order to build communities, engage in common activities and for every living creature in this wonderful world. Through our daily lives we admire, imitate and even copy other animals while engaging in our community. There are people in this world who work against our good nature, who are some of the most vile of individuals capable of the most heinous types of abuse. We need to stand together, we can not allow these degenerates to continue corrupting the community through their actions.

The following are prohibited in the community:

Animal abuse:
(a)Promoting, advertising or engaging in any form of abuse to animals not limited to the following:
    (i) neglect
    (ii) torture

(a) Promoting, advertising or engaging in zoophilia in any manner regardless of severity.
    (i) Exceptions are the following:
        – works of fiction or fantasty including but not limited to, art, stories and role-play.
        – engaging in fiction or fantasty including but not limited to, acting, cinema and role-play.
(b) Identifying as a zoophile by any means including but not limited to indicators or statements of the following:
    (i) using the word “zoo” or “zoophile” in the profile in any manner.
    (ii) using the Greek lowercase letter for Zeta, displayed as ΞΆ, known to be used by zoophiles to recognize each other.

Any breach of this agreement will result in the removal from the community.

License: CC BY 4.0

In the near future I’ll be creating a list of groups in the Telegram furry community for people to know which places are safe from animal sexual abusers. Until then I’ll continue to work on publishing information and building up the database for the services which will be available to group owners and individuals to block such individuals.

This post will be updated as time goes along, thank you for reading.