For those wanting to donate I’d recommend sending Bitcoin. This allows safe transfers and protects financial accounts from abuse.

Bitcoin address: 1PYBNNQry5EqJRaNwTbPuU3mEoDrVezMyW

How to send bitcoin?
There are many places to buy bitcoin, Coinbase is a popular platform.
For new users, use the following link. If buying $100 or more in crypto both accounts will receive $10 for free.

Coinbase affiliate link:

How donations will be used:

There will be a form here for people to specify where donations will be sent after use, but for now all donations will placed in an investment account.

At this time the idea and plan is to use any funds on various ETFs, profit on various stock, then donate the original funds to reputable not for profits relating to a child sexual abuse, animal sexual abuse or domestic violence not for profit.

Note: I’m a stock exchange professional, this is not advice on how to trade.

Example of a $100 donation: (assume underlying stock price is $10/share)
1) Buy 10 shares in ETFs or various long term stock.
2) Sell shares when matured to $12
3) Use the $20 in profit during earning season to buy Options
4) The $20 option turns in to $200-300.
5) The $100 originally sent is donated to a charity.