Many people want to know which communities protect their members, so here is the current list of communities.

This list will expand as group owners are interviewed and approved.

Facebook Pages and Groups

Columbus FurmeetsPage dedicated to inform the community to events, notifications and other matters.
Ohio Furs: Columbus Furries and FurmeetsGroup dedicated to discussion, events and other topics

Telegram Groups

NameUser CountDescription
Active Furs153Dedicated to helping individuals workout, exercise, lose weight and be happy.
Stock Exchange Furs48Dedicated to helping furs on the various stock exchange platforms and investing on the stock market.
RepRap345Gathering place for people with an interest in 3D printing, CNC, laser and other machines.
Phallic Fabricators149A group for furs interested in making their fantasies a reality with hands on DIY craftsman ship. Through traditional sculpting or modern day tech such as 3D printing.
Furries Love Guns59Firearms chat for furries.
MakerSci131Science and engineering related group where people coalesce to converse around science.
Official Ohio Furs316Ohio furs discussion and gathering hole for those in the buckeye state.
Ohio Furs Afterdark228Ohio furs Afterdark (18+) group
Kentucky Furs56Kentucky furs discussion place for those in the proud state of bourbon.
Furry Coders115For those with an interest in programming and software engineering.
Furry 3D963D art modeling, design.