The Kentucky Furs Calamity

UPDATE: There has been a response from the original Kentucky Furs group. A copy of the response has been copied to the channel here:

In addition, several of the zoophile telegram accounts and a couple of the groups affiliated with this situation have been deleted since the logs and affiliations to Inu were made public.

A poll was also created in order to obtain member feedback asking if zoophiles, pedophiles and alt-right members should be removed for the safety of the community. The issue at hand are the members who engage in activities outside of the group.

K9Sentry’s position on safety of the group would be to remove people confirmed to be engaged in zoophilia, pedophilia or alt-right groups regardless if the activities happened outside of a particular group.

Download the logs for “Inu’s Universe” here:

The calamity is about an individual named Christopher Ryan Belknap, currently working registration at AnthrOhio as you can see from their staff page.

After a variety of sources came to me regarding Christopher I decided to take a deeper look and see what information I could find and compile together to send to AnthrOhio. I decided to request a refund for my badge after I completed various research as I didn’t want to be affiliated with an organization with a vile individual on staff.

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 1

On 05/22/2019 I sent an email to AnthrOhio registration and the board. I’m unsure if Christopher has access to the registration email at this time. I will update this page as time goes along.

Christopher Ryan Belknap
This is Christopher Ryan Belknap, he is the individual who harbors animal sexual abusers, used to run his own white supremacist chat and purposely caused division in Kentucky Furs with another orchestrated in the group, “Inu’s Universe”

There’s a possibility a board member from AnthrOhio leaked the information I sent, however regardless how Christopher obtained the information he worked with HannaH and deleted the Kentucky animal sexual abuser group. He also deleted the group “Inu’s Universe” however the group was already exported.

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 2
HannaH is the owner of Kentucky Derb Zoo and wanted to help get animal sexual abusers on as staff to The Menagerie
The Kentucky Furs Calamity 3
Looking at The Menagerie group on Telegram, I see HannaH is also a member

Christopher is an extremely controversial individual who doesn’t favor same sex marriage

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 4

Throughout the logs of “Inu’s Universe” I consistently see transphobia

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 5

Feminism? He doesn’t like feminism

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 6

Antisemitism? He’s got that one covered too!

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 7

What about Arlo?

Arlo appears to spend his extra time raiding furry chats trying to get them shut down and spends quite a bit of time in white supremacist / nazifur / altfurry / Furry Raiders groups.

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 8

The Kentucky Furs admins were made aware of Arlo’s controversial views, actions and past. Rakkit was an admin who voted for removal as an admin of Kentucky Furs.

The Kentucky Furs Calamity 9